Better Coordination through Care Management Technology Improves Management of Fragile Populations According to a New White Paper from Casenet


Connecting Providers, Care Teams, the Community and the Results Using Integrated Care Management Technology Is The Key to Success For Managing Dual Eligible Members


posted on December 22, 2015




Casenet®, LLC, a leading provider of extensible care management solutions, today announced the third in a series of white papers focused on the use of technology to support care coordination.  Casenet’s latest white paper, Connect to Coordinate: Leveraging Care Management Technology to Manage Fragile Populations, explores the measurable impact of providing care coordinators with advanced technology that integrates all facets of care.


As the white paper describes, dual-eligible individuals, those who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, have complex medical needs and face a dual challenge. Their care must be coordinated among many stakeholders and across two programs. Connecting the patient, the provider, the team, the community and the results is key to improving the care of this fragile population. With the care manager at the helm, all those working to keep a dual-eligible member healthy need a way to connect and collaborate easily so they can focus on delivering quality care. The Casenet white paper examines how an integrated care management platform makes caring for dual-eligible members more effective and efficient resulting in better outcomes at lower cost.


The care management technology, like the care manager serving the dual-eligible population, needs to dynamically coordinate and connect stakeholder information.  The technology should nimbly exchange data with new and current systems as they are incorporated into this fragile population’s circle of care.  The organizations serving dual patients must continuously monitor the results, ensure accurate data collection for the complex reporting requirements, and expand and change processes based on outcomes.


The Casenet TruCare platform optimizes care coordination, data collection and data integration, which are essential to driving outcomes. “We believe that sharing our understanding of dual-eligible populations will help our clients succeed in managing such populations, and anticipate that the resulting successes may provide impactful insight to care management practice across other populations,” said Amy Simpson, RN, solution consultant at Casenet.


To learn more about connecting the patient, the provider, the team and the community to create a single, comprehensive plan of care that focuses on the whole patient, download the white paper, Connect to Coordinate: Leveraging Care Management Technology to Manage Fragile Populations written by Amy Simpson, RN. For more information, contact us at or


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