Our Difference

Care management software solutions for today and tomorrow

The core structure of TruCare was designed specifically to address the ever changing care management demands of this industry. Evolving new and innovative care management programs that need to be specific to a unique population of members/patients or to a specific employer group or to a specific government sponsored health care program, is an everyday challenge for any entity that delivers care management services.

To address these critical market demands and the resulting key care management product requirements, TruCare was built from the ground up with a core structure that allows granular segmentation of member populations. TruCare then provides for user controlled configuration of all aspects of the system to build care management programs designed specifically for those segmented populations. We call this core infrastructure of our product Differential Care Management (DCM).

Why is Differential Care Management So Important

We understand how important it is to optimize outcomes and contain costs for your members and your organization. TruCare provides unmatched customer controlled configurability options to power uniquely tailored care management programs for any segmented member population you service.

TruCare supports nine levels of member population segmentation and the member affiliation to identify those segmented populations. TruCare offers complete flexibility and control to design care management programs that offer your customers (employers, government programs, individually insured) care management programs that specifically fit their requirements.

Casenet fully understands that maximizing outcomes with cost effective solutions for your health management programs requires that our product provide this essential functional foundation.

DCM is the differentiating power of automation within TruCare. The advanced DCM architecture enables TruCare to scale for growth, accommodate diverse lines of business, support specific employer group or government program health management requirements and manage disparate populations, both from a member health and plan rules perspective. Building this capability into the core of the product is essential to properly supporting care management programs specific to member populations. It also greatly enhances the reporting and data analysis capabilities.

The practical result is that a wide range of critical content and functions can be configured for every segmented member population. TruCare will automatically process the configured content and present it to the user while simultaneously applying it to the care management workflow. There is no need for manual determination of content or process.

Configurable Content and Function by Segmented Population

TruCare supports customer controlled configuration of the following content and functions for each segmented population:

• Security Rules and Role Groupings
• Assessments
• Correspondence
• Business Rules Engine
• Care Plans
• Provider Networks
• Health Management Programs
• Structured Notes
• Service Types