Home and Community Services

Reduce the cost per member while maintaining the member's quality of life

TruCare Home and Community Services (HCS), facilitates coordination of Medicaid and Medicare waiver programs. By enabling member driven care planning and frequent member sign off, member centric service plans, which have been developed in partnership with the care management team, ensure successful coordination of waiver programs. This module operates seamlessly with the TruCare Case Management, TruCare Disease Management and TruCare Utilization Management modules, establishing a single platform you can utilize across your entire population.

HCS Program Enrollment and Task Generation - Successfully track member program enrollment in one place. Ensure tasks are geared to the right care team with the power to configure tasks during the enrollment process, for each invidual line of business.
Team Based Assignments - Enable multi-disciplinary care teams to come together for membercentered care delivery. Tasks and artifacts, such as Assessments and member Centered Plans, can be owned by the Team, allowing all Team members to view, access, update and review as needed. Individual’s actions and contributions will continue to be recorded for review and reporting, in addition to Team responsibilities.
Member Centered Plans with Member Defined Outcomes - engage members in their plan of care. Based on conversations, visits, observations and assessments, the member’s Care Team will document the member’s goals and related strengths, challenges, and preferences. The members roles and the Team’s approach toward achieving the goal can be recorded.
Service Requests and Individual Service Plans - Swiftly record and review the services needed for a member to reach his or her goals and to stay out of a long term care facility via TruCare Service Requests. The care team and member can easily review and sign off on the summary of needs, goals and services for the member with the Home and Community Service Individual Service Plan - all to enable the member to achieve their goals and stay in the comfort of their home.
Documentation and Letter Generation - Throughout Home and Community Services, documentation is effortless with configurable structured notes that meet individual organization and program requirements. Users can easily configure, customize and generate accurate, comprehensive and relevant template-driven letters for both internal and external audiences.