Ensuring Safety and Quality Care for your Members

Ensuring safety and quality care for members is of the utmost importance. With 48 out of 50 states providing state waiver programs, many of these programs also include transportation services.

Transportation services are offered to those who meet appropriate requirements and are available to those requiring assistance- including but not limited to- members in Medicaid, Medicare, and Managed Health plans. Ride services are frequently offered for Non-urgent medical appointments such as physical therapy, prescription pick up, and doctor’s visits.

From scheduling and coordinating rides, to reviewing ride requests to ensure transportation services are appropriate and consistent with program requirements, the cost of offering this service can be expensive.

Ride Requests - TruCare’s transportation feature incorporates scheduling, tracking, and submitting ride requests with the following functionality:
  • Creating and editing individual and recurring ride requests
  • Faxing ride requests both individually and multiple at once
  • Tracking and reviewing capability; how many rides and frequency
Benefits of TruCare’s Transportation Subsystem
  • Summary view provides a snap shot about a members transportation history
  • One click submitting capability for the immediate, urgent ride requests transmitted, or ready to be transmitted ride requests display on one screen
  • Transmitted, or ready to be transmitted ride requests display on one screen
  • Review functionality ensures team members are documenting ride requests as per the organization’s processes.