What If You Could Design Your Care Management System?

You Would Require:

• Differential Care for Your Entire Population
• Swift Go to Market and Responsiveness to Customers
• All Lines of Business on One Integrated Platform
• Ease in Maintenance of Evolving Clinical Standards
• Best-in-Class Technology

TruCare Enables:

• Complete Care Coordination that is Member Centric
• Self-Reliance Through Flexible, Intuitive and Robust Configuration
• Driving to a Standards-Based Culture
• Adaptive Evidence-Based Medicine
• Engaged Constituents; Increase in Staff Productivity


Differential Care™

The framework behind TruCare™ products enables you to drive engagement with members by segmentation through flexible configuration and provide care using multi-channel inputs.

Smart-Flexible Configuration

A inherited configuration methodology featuring reusable design that collapses a traditional implementation time and promotes self-reliance.

Care Industry Best Practices

Evidence-based medicine empowered by workflow, integrated 3rd party clinical content and a comprehensive library of configurable assessments, care plans, correspondence templates, key metrics and structured notes.

Leading Edge Technology

Architecture and best-in-class utilities - including a real-time rules engine and instantaneous triggers that drive Differential Care. The flexibility and underlying architecture of TruCare’s integration capabilities allow clients to leverage data from multiple internal and external systems for analytics, reporting and opportunity identification.

Total Member Centricity

Personalized member processing enabled by Differential Care with engagement supported by Care Coordination facilitation.