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TruCare 6.0 Integrated Care Management


TruCare 6.0  delivers advanced integrated care management capabilities for the holistic management of members’ medical, behavioral health and ancillary services. By providing a platform that enables effective care coordination between all disciplines and across the entire continuum of care, Casenet’s integrated care management solution enables care teams to completely address critical member needs cost effectively and efficiently resulting in better outcomes.

TruCare 6.0 Capabilities

TruCare 6.0 Benefits

TruCare 6.0 includes advanced features like sophisticated problem libraries that allow care managers to select from both medical and nonmedical options when creating an integrated care plan.  As a result, TruCare 6.0 delivers a more complete and better coordinated view of the member which when coupled with automated TruCare workflows, makes care teams more efficient and effective. The new platform will empower payers and their care teams to deliver person-centered support for long-term care, disability, chronic, and other high-risk, costly dual-eligible population initiatives resulting in healthier populations.


TruCare 6.0 similarly benefits commercial plans which are focused not only on managing medical conditions but also on meeting member-driven goals and influencing behavior and lifestyle changes.  The new and advanced assessment capabilities in TruCare 6.0 automatically drive care plan, task and appropriate service request creation to ensure organizational and evidence-based guidelines are being followed in the plan of care. The generation of care plan recommendations directly from an assessment eliminates the work of having to go back to review assessment responses to identify problems, member preferences, barriers and recommended interventions. This reduces mistakes and omissions while driving better outcomes and efficiencies through the use of evidence-based guidelines and automated workflows.

TruCare 6.0 enables your care teams to:


  • Identify and follow up on all member needs that require care manager support through inclusive assessments
  • Meet regulatory turnaround times using expanded rules capabilities to enable the configuration of all workflow tasks
  • Satisfy a wide range of compliance requirements for state and federal reporting through customized care plan capabilities
  • Consistently use evidence-based care guidelines and reduce inefficiency when enhanced care plans are created automatically from assessments
  • Improve efficiency as a result of automation and seamless integration between care plan development and service request creation
  • Access all member services efficiently and effectively when medical, behavioral health and nonmedical services are integrated into a single view for your care teams





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