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TruCare Enterprise Care Management Platform


Casenet believes that integrated care management which enables improved care coordination across the continuum will be one of the main drivers of the future of healthcare delivery. With a single solution for utilization, case and disease management, the Casenet TruCare platform delivers unmatched flexibility to implement, coordinate and manage clinical, wellness and quality programs in a single application. TruCare enables dynamic, multidisciplinary care teams to better coordinate, collaborate and communicate which decreases time to intervention, improves member engagement and outcomes, increases efficiency and reduces costs. The results are lower healthcare costs and healthier member populations. Learn more about TruCare 6.0.


TruCare Differentiators

TruCare Benefits

TruCare Modules

TruCare contains several innovative and versatile modules that include but are not limited to: case management, disease management, utilization management/appeals, wellness management and quality reporting and analytics. TruCare’s configuration capabilities enable rapid alignment of the system to current care management needs and efficient evolution of the TruCare solution configuration over time.


TruCare was designed on six core principles:

TruCare provides a 360 degree view of all member information regardless of source. Member approaches, preferences, strengths and weaknesses are documented along with the clinical and non-medical services needed in order to meet member needs, quality outcomes and mandated requirements.


The TruCare platform was built to be extensible, open, highly scalable and able to meet multiple lines of business and program needs. Our current largest production customer currently supports multiple health plans, thousands of concurrent users and millions of high-acuity members on a single instance of TruCare.

Scalability and Performance

Simplifying workflows, data aggregation from other systems, field worker system access, offline device support and member-centric data views make your care managers more effective at serving members, better able to serve more members at a lower cost and capable of driving better outcomes.

Workflow Optimization

By enabling dynamic, multidisciplinary care teams to better coordinate, collaborate and communicate, TruCare decreases the time to intervention and increases efficiency. The result is improved member engagement and outcomes, reduced cost and better provider interaction and experience. Some of the specific benefits our clients have experienced include:


  • Enhanced Care Management Team Productivity and Efficiency. Based on TruCare simplified and automated workflows and differential care management (DCM), the correct information for each member is delivered to every care manager at the right time, every time.
  • Improved Outcomes and Compliance. Casenet now supports 15 clients that have attained NCQA accreditation and 5 who have achieved “commendable” status since moving to TruCare.
  • Positive Return on Investment. Casenet clients have demonstrated significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy since moving to TruCare.
  • Better Management of Waiver and other Government Programs. TruCare delivers innovative integrated care management tools for high acuity patients including mobile and home and community-based services.
  • Reduced Reliance on IT Resources. Utilizing a unique application framework and superior administrative tools, non-technical business users can perform system and clinical configuration.

The TruCare platform includes a broad range of capabilities and provides our clients the functionality and features necessary to provide effective day-to-day care management services. These modules include: