What We Do

Serving commercial and government health plans, health systems, and third party administrators/carve outs, Casenet creates population health technology solutions that enable payers and providers to coordinate care. Our population health technology unites disparate data sources to provide a 360 degree longitudinal view of each member, making it easy to identify opportunities to coordinate and improve care. We believe that when people, systems and data work in harmony, a real, positive impact can be made on the health of individuals and populations.

We specialize in helping you manage complex, high acuity members across all business lines including:

• Medicare
• Medicaid
• Dual-Eligibles
• Commercial

How We Do It

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and analyze patient data.

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patients into populations.

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patient populations based on risk.

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auto-generated plans of care for each patient and population.

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customized workflows for each population.

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consolidated 360-degree, longitudinal view of each patient.

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timely information to members with automated correspondence.

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interdisciplinary care among multiple providers.

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gaps in care early and implement interventions.

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Want more detail about how Casenet products work?

Medical Cost Savings

  • Target and treat high-risk populations
  • Reduce gaps in care
  • Intervene before care escalates
  • Eliminate unnecessary care

Quality and Compliance

  • Attract and retain healthy, satisfied members
  • Exceed key performance indicators
  • Reduce financial penalties
  • Increase reimbursements

Utilization Efficiency

  • Increase productivity through automation
  • Decrease rework and human error
  • Avoid costly, unnecessary utilization
  • Enable consistency and non-variability

Administrative Savings

  • Enhance staff productivity and retention
  • Automate manual, time-intensive processes
  • Reduce costly human errors
  • Decrease claims rework
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Social Determinants of Health

TruCare, Casenet’s population health technology platform, enables plans to identify members in need of non-medical support and match them to community providers. Customized lists of home and community providers can be easily uploaded into TruCare, enabling care managers to assign non-medical services with the click of a button. Community services can include Meals on Wheels, adult day care providers, in-home services, transportation providers and more.

Social Determinants of Health infographic