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Customer Satisfaction is Our First Priority

We are passionate about providing superior customer support and we do that by being responsive and accountable. We’re obsessed with client satisfaction and we’ve built our reputation on meeting our clients’ needs over the long term. These are just some of the reasons our customer satisfaction score is consistently at 93%.

Customized Support

There are numerous ways to get the support you need. You can use the Casenet Customer Portal to access product documentation, technical architecture guides, deployment Infrastructure guides, web service integration interfaces guides and more. You can view notifications, submit and track tickets, and get real-time status updates.

Call or email us if you need support. You get a unique customer support email address to ensure your support requests are routed appropriately. We investigate issues, determine severity, and verify business impact. Our goal is to resolve issues quickly with as little impact as possible to productivity.

Peer to Peer Forums through Casenet Collaborate

You can also talk with other Casenet clients to help solve issues.  Casenet Collaborate is an online community where you can get advice from peers and participate in conversations. Post a question, get alerts when questions are answered, or share your experience. 

In the last three years we have done a number of projects to optimize the Care Management, Utilization Management, and Administrative Appeals and Grievances modules, and the partnership with Casenet is a key factor in our success.  When we want to do something new, the Casenet team explains the optimal process and then works with us to customize that for iCare and our capabilities. 

Beth Medina, IT Director
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