Casenet Releases TruCare 6.2, Improving Individual and Population Health through Actionable Analytics and Enhanced Regulatory Compliance
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May 13, 2019

Casenet Releases TruCare 6.2, Improving Individual and Population Health through Actionable Analytics and Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Through Improved Workflows, Tailored Programs and a New Care Opportunities Module, TruCare 6.2 Enables Care Teams to Maintain Consistent, Aligned Approaches to Medical Management

posted on September 27, 2016

BEDFORD, MA., - Casenet®, LLC, a leading provider of population health and care management solutions, today announced the release of TruCare® 6.2. This new release expands and improves upon existing functionality while also introducing new features, resulting in more efficient and effective care coordination, better health outcomes and greater cost savings. TruCare 6.2 also delivers enhanced configuration capabilities to help organizations maintain consistency across departments and improve compliance with regulatory requirements.

TruCare 6.2 introduces several new capabilities including:

  • Tailored programs that automate adherence to contractual requirements
  • Smart scheduling that matches user qualifications with member needs
  • Localization support for international lines of business
  • A care opportunities module for making third-party analytics data more actionable within TruCare

With these new features and expanded capabilities, TruCare 6.2 delivers a more configurable system that is better able to help organizations comply with protocols and regulatory requirements. Through the enhanced workflows in TruCare 6.2, consistent, aligned approaches to medical management are maintained across departments enabling more efficient and effective care teams.

TruCare 6.2 proactively combines client feedback, regulatory demands and market trends to deliver an even more powerfully efficient care management platform. The enhancements impact all areas of the integrated platform, as well as the TruCare Mobile application for the iPad.

“The advancements in TruCare 6.2 provide our clients with the necessary tools to truly integrate care administration with care delivery, while also providing flexible configuration to meet industry and regulatory requirements for high-quality care and outcomes,” stated Peter Masanotti, chief executive officer, Casenet. “The TruCare platform is chosen by our clients to not only coordinate all stakeholders but to deliver a complete view of each member. The latest capabilities further its efficient, collaborative design and promote truly comprehensive care management.”

High-level benefits of the release include:

  • Increased quality initiative and outcomes support
  • Earlier risk-mover identification and timelier intervention
  • Improved population health management
  • Enhanced international lines of business support
  • Better care management workflows
  • Advanced interoperability to support business systems

Casenet continues to expand its offering to support the changing needs of population health and care management teams. Casenet clients also provide exceptional business intelligence to drive TruCare product innovation and development. The unique capabilities included in TruCare 6.2 will help commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, TPA, provider/ACO and carve-out organizations across the country improve care coordination to meet member-driven goals, better manage high-cost medical conditions and ultimately drive better health outcomes and shared savings.


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Casenet provides a comprehensive suite of extensible, enterprise care management software and services solutions for commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, TPA, provider/ACO and carve out organizations. These solutions enable our customers to improve care coordination and the quality and delivery of care through enhanced case, disease, utilization and home and community-based services management as well as tools for total population management. Casenet supports small to very large enterprise customers that require tremendous scalability, have many lines of business, and require comprehensive configuration for each targeted member population. Casenet solutions enable organizations to meet their unique requirements and adapt quickly to changing market and regulatory dynamics, identify and target populations having unique risk characteristics and deliver specific care management programs for those members — taking the first step toward better individual health and total population health management. For more information, visit

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