Casenet Releases TruCare ProAuth, the First Fully Integrated Provider Authorization Submission Capability
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May 13, 2019

Casenet Releases TruCare ProAuth, the First Fully Integrated Provider Authorization Submission Capability

TruCare ProAuth Increases Provider and Payer Efficiency with a Fast, Simple and Innovative Digital Authorization Submission Capability

posted on November 8, 2017

BEDFORD, MA., - Casenet®, LLC, a leading provider of population health and care management solutions, today announced the release of TruCare ProAuth™. TruCare ProAuth is an innovative digital authorization tool enabling providers to process authorization requests quickly and easily, reducing the hassle and administrative burden of the authorization request for information (RFI) process. TruCare ProAuth gives providers around-the-clock access to submit authorizations and receive real-time approval and status responses.

According to a new AMA survey, every week a medical practice completes an average of 37 prior authorization requirements per physician, which takes physicians and their staff an average of 16 hours, or the equivalent of two business days, to process. Nearly 60 percent of surveyed physicians reported that their practices wait, on average, at least one business day for prior authorization decisions—and more than 25 percent of physicians said they wait three business days or longer.

The new TruCare ProAuth utility embeds within any portal solution to provide a seamless, accurate and effective way to submit provider authorizations and reduce the unnecessary back and forth of the request for information process. TruCare ProAuth shares directly with providers the exact business rules and information used by health plans to process authorizations. TruCare ProAuth also seamlessly integrates with other TruCare® data and functions, such as member and provider data, the Utilization Management (UM) module and workflows.

TruCare ProAuth provider benefits include:

  • Request for Information (RFI) back and forth reduction
  • Real-time authorization status tracking and auto authorization
  • Simplified note and attachment capabilities
  • Guided workflows to ensure one-and-done authorization submissions
  • Prescreening capabilities using minimal information to inform providers if an authorization is needed
  • 24x7 digital authorization submissions

TruCare ProAuth payer benefits include:

  • Fax volume reduction and increased digital authorization submissions
  • Reduction of manual data entry, outbound calls, and request for information back and forth with provider offices
  • User authorization creation, management and audit trail support
  • Monitoring and reporting of authorization volumes
  • Duplicate business rules management elimination
  • Provider engagement improvement

“TruCare and TruCare ProAuth work in tandem to provide simplified and independent provider authorizations that always reflect a health plans's Utilization Management business rules. As a result, TruCare ProAuth saves health plans time and frees up resources while also improving provider engagement,” stated Peter Masanotti, chief executive officer, Casenet. “By providing a digital authorization solution that is completely transparent to providers, TruCare ProAuth can increase trust as well as provider and payer operational efficiency.”

Casenet continues to expand its platform to support the changing needs of population health and care management teams. Casenet's newest offering, TruCare ProAuth, delivers an easy-to-use provider authorization submission solution that increases operational efficiency, provider engagement and the percentage of authorizations submitted electronically.


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