Opioid Addiction Management Capabilities Now Available To Support Those in Need

Published On:
August 23, 2022

Opioid Addiction Management Capabilities Now Available To Support Those in Need

Casenet announces Opioid Toolkit to prevent opioid misuse and support the management of members with opioid addiction

posted on April 3, 2018

BEDFORD, MA., Casenet®, LLC, a leading provider of population health management solutions and 2018 Best in KLAS Care Management platform award recipient, today announced the release of its TruCare® Opioid Toolkit.

At least 64,000 Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses last year. For Americans under the age of 50, drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death. This new toolkit enables clinicians to better support opioid prevention and the management of members with opioid addiction.

The TruCare Opioid toolkit provides clinicians with specific tools to support the management of this public health crisis. The tool kit includes a(n):

  • Opioid Assessment – an opioid-specific patient assessment used to determine if a member is at risk or in need of further support in identifying and managing their substance use issues
  • Opioid Care Plan – a member-centric, evidence-based care plan which supports member needs and recovery outcomes
  • Program Automation – built-in automation of pre-defined packages of tasks, correspondence and referrals to drive effective care manager and care team follow up and outreach
  • Member Education Materials – evidence-based member focused literature to assist members with prevention, on their road to recovery or during addiction-free maintenance

“The Casenet Opioid Toolkit will support an integrated approach to manage this population. It has become clear that a ‘whole person' strategy is essential to effectively engaging these individuals. The tools developed in partnership with Casenet will provide a framework to support members through all phases of the substance use disorder continuum of care, enabling care teams to provide timely, targeted support to affected members. This directly supports our mission to transform the health of the community, one person at a time,” stated Dr. Samuel DiCapua, Medical Director, NH Health Families and Chief Medical Officer, Casenet.

By building opioid use support and care management capabilities directly into TruCare, Casenet delivers improved care team efficiencies by taking advantage of the automation and streamlined workflows inherent in the TruCare platform. This toolkit will make care teams with opioid use and abuse members more effective in managing their recovery, prevention and addiction-free maintenance.

“Casenet is hopeful that by providing the TruCare Opioid Toolkit to our clients they can start to address this public health crisis and provide support to some of their most vulnerable members when they need it most,” stated Kelli Bravo, VP, Product Marketing, Casenet.

For more information about the TruCare Opioid Toolkit, contact Casenet at www.casenetllc.com or 1.888.701.0886


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