Videos: What  are components of a Care Management Software platform?

Care  management software platforms provide a number of different features within  CM, UM and other modules such as Home and Community Services.  They can also have modules for  authorization automation, continuity of care, predictive analytics,  interoperability, and more.

Casenet Overview

Learn about Casenet and our core product, TruCare, a population health management platform for health insurance plans.

TruCare ProAuth - Casenet's Provider Authorization Submission Solution

See how TruCare ProAuth can automate prior authorizations leading to increased accuracy and provider satisfaction while reducing phone calls, faxes, and requests for information.

TruCare Collaborate

Now more than ever, payers and providers are coming together to manage an individual’s care. Doing so effectively and efficiently requires not only adjusted practice patterns but also an integrated collaboration hub. TruCare Collaborate offers just that.

TruCare, Casenet's Population Health Management Platform

TruCare helps plans not only manage complex patients, but ensure those who are healthy remain so.