Enterprise Care Management Platform

TruCare is an enterprise care management platform that enables you to effectively manage your members to improve care and lower costs. Care teams access a single, integrated care plan while each user has their own tasks and assignments built into the workflow. Care managers design and deploy personalized care management programs and new member data is continually added giving users an up-to-date view of each member’s health. Users efficiently manage utilization including appeals and grievances, authorizations, procedure requests, concurrent reviews, discharge planning, care coordination and more. Download the corporate brochure.

Line-of-Business Management

Segment your member population and consistently deliver tailored care management and utilization management programs to each population. Populations can vary by different factors such as line of business, state, region, program, client or your own unique definition. You can target specific interventions for each population and automatically execute workflows, rules and policies according to your segmentation.


Access a 360-degree longitudinal view of each member, identify gaps in care, and implement interventions. Care teams can facilitate preventative care so healthy members remain healthy and  high-acuity members get the special attention they need.

Workflow Optimization

TruCare is configured to your specific workflows to optimize efficiency and reflect your policies. Enable rules-based automation and establish guidelines to ensure care teams know what they need to do and when they need to do it to ensure members receive the most appropriate care.

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