TruCare Connect®
Patient and Provider Portals

Connecting members, providers, and caregivers through a secure health portal provides an opportunity for shared information and allows members to take a more active role in their own care.  TruCare Connect, powered by HealthTrio, provides this module for health plans with TruCare.

Benefits of Member Portal

A member portal provides members an additional communication method to interact with their health plan. Member portals simplify the healthcare experience for members because it allows members to engage in their care on their own timeline. Further, improved outcomes and reduced costs are tangible benefits when members receive convenient online access to their healthcare record. Not only do members become more active participants of their own care, they are able to make changes to their information without calling into your service center, which saves you resources.

Interactive Member Care

Providers, members, and their caregivers can exchange care management data within the portal. Members and designated representatives can:

Further, because data is real-time data, it can be configured to drive alerts to members and providers thus increase care plan compliance.

Coordinated Care across All Stakeholders

Care managers play an important role in helping members achieve the best possible health outcomes, and TruCare Connect gives them greater access to the tools needed to drive those outcomes. Some of the functionality accessible allows care managers to:

When multidisciplinary care teams are involved, these features help them better coordinate and collaborate which results in increased efficiency, quicker implemented interventions, and ultimately an improved member experience.

Communicate Securely

Users communicate securely, share files, and receive alerts. Role-based security and features create a personalized experience for each user. Real-time data drives alerts to members and improves compliance with care plans and contributes to better outcomes.

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