TruCare Linx®
Interoperability Engine

Ensuringinteroperability among the many digital tools used to manage an individual’scare and run a health plan is essential in today’s world. Through TruCare Linx,poweredby HealthLX, plans have access to a suite of interoperability componentsthat connect TruCare to existing clinical systems. Data from electronic healthrecords (EHR), health information exchanges (HIE), and other clinical systemsis translated using HL7® industry standard formats ensuring that care managerscan see when patients are admitted to a hospital, transferred to anotherfacility, or discharged through Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT)notifications. Further, they can see Continuity of Care Documents (CCD)afforallowing them to hae a summary of the member’s clinical information. Download the TruCare Linx brochure.

Real-time Data Connectivity

Care teams see member health-events in real time so they know the member’s location and can respond proactively to better manage transitions-in-care. Each ADT notification includes critical information such as admitting physician, reason for admission, transfer location - everything a care manager uses to facilitate a smooth transition of care. Further, notes, tasks, authorizations and discharge documentation can be configured according to your health plan’s specifications.

Multi-system Interoperability

TruCare Linx provides instant access to information about important health events, even when the data lives in disparate systems. It offers a simplified integration with electronic medical records and health information exchanges and engages providers within their current workflow. This allows care teams to access a holistic, real-time view enabling them to make informed decisions about next steps.

Data Standard Compliance

TruCare’s backward compatibility into the TruCare Linx integration product ensures messages from any of the previous versions are up-converted to the current. In addition, many institutions have customized their HL7 messages using Z-segments to add data not covered in the original specifications. TruCare Linx uses HL7 standard industry formats, which means care managers receive ADT alerts and CCD documents no matter which EHR, HIE, or clinical system the data resides in.

Data Governance

Data governance ensures that high data quality exists throughout the complete lifecycle of the data. The key focus areas of data governance include availability, usability, consistency, integrity and security. With TruCare Linx, health plans have full transparency to all of the transactions that occur between the connected systems including calls made, data exchanged, message enrichment, availability and data stewardship. This clarity provides a mechanism for compliance review.


Casenet and HealthLX are founding members of the Da Vinci Project, an initiative that is leveraging HL7 FHIR to improve data sharing in value-based care arrangements. The HL7 FHIR technology enables easier sharing of health information across plans and practices, reducing duplicative tests and supporting better health outcomes.

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