TruCare ProAuth

Prescreen and Process Authorizations

TruCare ProAuth makes it easy for users to submit authorizations and receive real-time determination responses and status updates. Download the TruCare ProAuth brochure.

Authorization prescreening
Providers enter minimal information to confirm if an authorization is required. When authorizations aren’t required, or if a duplicate authorization exists, TruCare ProAuth lets providers know instantly. If an authorization is required, TruCare ProAuth prepopulates fields to make data entry efficient. Health plans can implement a rules-based configuration to prompt providers to include specific clinical information to expedite decision making.

Authorization processing
We configure TruCare ProAuth based on your business rules. You decide which authorizations require clinical reviews and which don’t. Authorizations can be automatically approved based on your rules about providers, diagnoses, procedures, services, service thresholds, and other information in the authorization request.

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